Bacon Biz

Makin Bacon & Bringin it Home

BaconBiz is Back AGAIN in 2016!
Thursday and Friday, May 26 & 27!

We believe in bootstrapping: paid products, delivering value to audiences that put their money where their value is.

In May 2013, we held the very first annual BaconBizConf. Each time, we've sold out attendance.

Each year, attendees had a roaring good time: succinct, value-packed, actionable talks; tons of breaks with the chance to meet & talk with just about everyone (thanks to our small size). BaconBiz is not a top-down event, it's an event where you can learn as much from the person next to you as the person on "stage." (There is no stage.)

BaconBizConf - we'll be back soon!

Where? Right here in historic Old City, Philadelphia.
Size? 65 attendees, plus speakers & support staff.
How much? As little as we can get away with.

We WILL sell out again (and quickly, too), because there's room for just 65 attendees.

Don't miss out on your chance to get a ticket. Seats are limited and we sell only to our mailing list. Drop your name in the box below:

Who comes to BaconBizConf?

BaconBiz Conf, May 2013 Video #4

Conversion optimization in practice

Patrick McKenzie

BaconBiz Conf, May 2013 Video #3

Making loads of cash with newsletters

Brennan Dunn

BaconBiz Conf, May 2013 Video #2

The #1 Job of Your Sales Page

Marc-André Cournoyer

BaconBiz Conf, May 2013 Video #1

4 Stories About Product Launches

Nathan Barry, ConvertKit

More Videos coming soon… stay tuned!

Organized by

Amy Hoy and Alex Hillman

Special Thanks to

Mike Brown, Thomas Cannon, Thomas Fuchs, Devon Kreider, Adriano Martino, Rasa Vella

And ultra-special thanks to the awesome BaconBiz Conf 2014 sponsors:

Gumroad, PipelineDeals, Tito, Freckle Time Tracking

BaconBiz Conf 2013 sponsors:

Wistia, Honeybadger, Mergepay